ULTRA-FOL™ ULTRA-WIDE-ZOOM PINSPOT LUMINAIRES - A True Pinspot with an Amazing 10:1 Zoom Range

The MICRO-FOL™ Zoom-and-dim Spotlight couples the black parabolic reflector of a PARA-FOL™ with a patented lens designed specifically for a fiber optic source. The result is an awesome miniature spotlight giving pure-white, stone-cold NoUVIR light that easily adjusts from a 15° spotlight to a 50° floodlight and anywhere between.

  • Even 10:1 zoom from a 5° to a 50° beam
  • Uniform, even, circular beam
  • Soft, clean beam edges
  • No visible spill
  • No halos, aberrations or dark spots
  • No peaks or hot spots
  • Stone-cold, pure-white light (3200°K - 100 CRI)
  • No UV, No IR
  • 10-year warranty on structure and optics
  • Black anodized aluminum
  • 1-5/8" diameter body
  • 1-3/4" O.D. bezel
  • Powered by one 3mm (1/8") fiber
  • Externally threaded for simple mounting
  • Mounting nuts and neoprene seal included
  • 1/2" knurled FIBER-LOCK™ locks adjustments
  • U.S. Patents 5,268,977 and 5,486,984
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The ZDPL ULTRA-FOL pinspot is a zoomable tight focus spotlight for mounting through a ceiling or panel. It mounts flush through a 1-5/8" diameter hole. Adjustable from a 5° beam spotlight to a wide angle 50°conical flood, the ZDPL is a lovely and versatile pinspot for applications requiring an extremely tight focus or a very long throw.

Order the ZPBL for a pinspot with a 90° mounting bracket.

All of the performance of an AZ-EL Pinspot but with a bendable bracket, screw and washer, the ZPBA is easily installed with one screw, focuses from 5° to 50° and can be aimed by rotating or bending either the bracket or the mirror. The ZPBA is perfect for fine focus and long throw applications where there are wide frames around or above a viewing window or where there is room to conceal the luminaire behind a wall, ledge or ceiling beam.

For an AZ-ELPinspot with a 90° mounting bracket, order ZPBA.

ULTRA-FOL pinspots with an AZ-EL mirror may be ordered on a 1/4" diameter black aluminum pendant lengths from 6" to 72" (including fractional values). Specify total length including luminaire when ordering. Against a dark background a ZPAP Pendant is almost invisible as a light source, but provides a beautiful bright even beam of light 45° to 90° off axis.

Order a ZDPP for a spotlight pendant luminaire without the AZ-EL mirror.

The ZPFT is an ULTRA-FOL pinspot with AZ-ELmirror on a clip to fit FLAT-TRACK, low profilewide-angle track and FIBER-RAIL 4" bannister. The clip makes it easy to move, arrange and rearrange luminaires for changing exhibits and displays. The ZPFT will not fit smaller enclosed tracks.

The LNPL has the optical performance of an ULTRA-FOL pinspot integrated into an eyeball mount that can be aimed up to +/- 30° off the transverse axis. The LNPL mounts with a gasket seal through a 1" diameter hole. The eyeball mount is internally sealed with o-rings and airtight. The LNPL can be zoomed from a 5° beam to a 50° beam and aimed up to 30° off of and 360° around the transverse axis all from outside an exhibit case. For a Long-Neck Eyeball with an AZ-EL mirror you can order LNPA.

The ZDPO mounts flush, operates on one 3mm fiber, and zooms from 5° to 50° like all of our pinspots. It can also be aimed up to 15° off center in any direction without moving the lens or the housing! Light any object, anywhere in a case, without moving these flush mount fixtures. Change exhibits and case contents without having to re-engineer cases or move luminaires. You can simply aim and focus the existing pinspots anywhere in the case. A pinspot downlight you can aim. U.S. Patent: 5,907,648. Now there's a bright idea!

For spots within a flood, or an extremely bright spot, order PFOL. The flexible PENTA-FOL™ Multiple Fiber Power Luminaire provides powerful illumination from five standard fibers with five individual, zoom-and-dim MICRO-FOL lenses deeply recessed within a single black anodized aluminum housing. Each lens can be individually focused into a smooth, stone-cold, superimposed beam that blends into the others to form a uniform, very bright beam from edge to edge.

Unlike any lighting fixture before, one or more of the five beams maybe zoomed out from the spot to form a floodlight beam which surrounds the spotlight beam in the center. The spotlight beam in the center can be subtle or strong, and the surrounding flood bright or dim. The flood can be slightly larger than the spot or zoomed to a very wide size. The PFOL produces a heatless equivalent to a 25-watt halogen or 40-watt incandescent lamp with an infinite variety in mixing beams to control intensity, center brightness, and beam size. This extremely bright luminaire is ideal for downlighting sculptures, large brightly lit items, important graphics, or for creating drama. It is fun to use and a delight to see.

The PENTA-FOL is available with a 90° mounting bracket as PFBL, with an AZ-EL mirror as a PFLA and with both as a PFBA.

The PRFL uses ten individiual 3mm fibers to form a narrow uniform 10° fixed-focus beam. Equivalent to a 30-watt MR-16 lamp, the PRFL, like all NoUVIR products has absolutely no UV and no IR. The PRFL is capable of producing 800 footcandles over a 4" diameter beam at a distance of 12", 70 footcandles over a 10" diameter beam at 48" or 10 footcandles over a 26" diameter beam at 10 feet. The POWER-FOL works well for pinspot applications where high light levels are required from a distance and adjustable focus is not necessary.

The POWER-FOL is available with a 90° mounting bracket as PRBL, with an AZ-EL mirror as a PRFA and with both as a PRBA.

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