One-inch square wall washer x 4' length

SQUARE-BAR is a totally unique wall washer, with a one-inch-square cross section. It comes in a 4-ft. length, but can be cut or joined together, so that it is useable in any length. Any number of fibers can be fed into the bar to provide almost any desired lighting intensity. Evenly spaced fibers produce an even, soft, cosine distribution of light. But, fiber ends can be positioned anywhere within the bar. Uneven fiber spacing allows you to make a particular section of the bar either brighter or dimmer than the rest. SQUARE-BAR provides an even wash of stone-cold, pure-white light that can be adjusted in intensity for individual objects or case zones.

  • 1" square x 51" length (includes 3" fiber collar)
  • Can be cut to any length in the field
  • Soft, even, cosine distribution of light
  • Infinitely adjustable intensity
  • U.S. Patent claims allowed
Square Bar Drawing