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"Your calls are important to us," so we actually answer the phone to answer questions and help with whatever you need. No menus. No voice mail. No run around. 302-628-9933. Try it! On the other hand, if you know just what you need, we have a few things here. Let us know if there is something not here that you would like to order online. Online or over the phone we're here to help.

150-watt EKE Projector Lamp

NoUVIR COLD-NOSE projectors are designed to use inexpensive EKE 150-watt lamps to give you absolutely even color over the visible range, perfect color and no UV or IR. None!

Box of 10 EKE 150-watt projector lamps

Buying a box of 10 EKE 150-watt projection lamps for your NoUVIR COLD-NOSE HP fiber optic projectors will save you time and money.

5ea 3AG 2-Amp fuses for NoUVIR power supplies.

You will find a spare fuse in the fuse holder of every NoUVIR power supply. While NoUVIR uses a common mini fuse are common, we've put them here in the unlikely event of a fuse failure.