We're serious when we tell you we want you to know all about museum and exhibit lighting. We've put a lot of what you need to know into our free 130-page catalog. You can have one just by calling NoUVIR! You can also have more personal help. At NoUVIR we answer the phone! You will NEVER get an answering machine, a computer telephone maze or get dumped into a voice-mail box. While we won't do detailed lighting design because that would be competing with lighting designers who specify our products, we are always ready to help with suggestions, direction and conceptual design. Talk to the people who developed the science; real people, who have real answers to the real problems in lighting and conservation and have a real desire to help.

Call (302) 628-9933

Want to do it the slow way? In deference to our friends who are working outside Eastern Standard Business Hours (9:00-5:00) or are allergic to telephones, we do respond to e-mail. We'll be honest, we might not check it every single day, but we will sort through the Amazon and Microsoft ads, the forwards of tired old jokes and cute stories and the offers of millions of dollars from third world countries and get back to you.

Use the links below:

Ruth Ellen Miller - ruthellen@nouvir.com
President, artist, lecturer and author, the visionary who's love for art and our national heritage started NoUVIR. Ruth Ellen is always willing to take time to help protect another artifact.

Jack V. Miller - jackv@nouvir.com
Vice-president of Engineering, scientist, lecturer and author with 120+ issued patents, Jack Miller is co-founder and the scientific genius behind NoUVIR's awesome technology and performance. Jack enjoys sharing his years of science and design experience.

Matthew Miller - matthew@nouvir.com
Vice-president of marketing, teacher and author, Matthew has years of professional experience in the science of artifact collection and preservation that give him unique insights into helping others to best use NoUVIR to light and preserve collections.