NoUVIR Direct Replacement for Failed Fiberstars EFO!

Stuck with an old, failed Fiberstars EFO? Unable to locate parts or lamps for this discontinued illuminator from a defunct company? In most cases a NoUVIR CLDN-HP projector can provide a direct replacement using your existing fiber and fixtures. Unlike the old EFO, a NoUVIR projector:

- Uses a common $12.00 lamp available almost anywhere.

- Will NOT heat, burn or discolor fiber. (Fiberstars used to use the term "caramelize." We don't!)

- Has every part that can fail (fan, circuit, lamp socket, etc.) on a simple to replace and inexpensive, slide-out drawer.

- Has a 20+ year reputation for quality and service!

Call us at 302-628-9933 for details. We invented museum lighting!