Stuck With Someone Else's Fiber?

1. While we can't guarantee someone else's fiber, we can show you how to cut (and polish) bundles of tiny fibers without cooking them with a hot knife. The clean even cut gives you uniform intensity from fiber to fiber, but the ability to polish the ends will greatly increase the optical efficiency and the output of any fiber.

2. Push the melted or burned fiber through the bushing or the fiber holder until you have clean, undamaged fiber at the projector edge of the bushing. You will have to loosen the bushing some and may have to trim some additional jacketing to get clearance. It saves a great deal of trouble if you can keep the tiny fibers contained in the bushing. Unlike NoUVIR fiber, they are difficult to corral.

3. Use a smooth, sharp blade in an oscillating multi tool to cut the damaged fiber off even with the end of the fiber bushing. Our technicians use a Craftsman Nextec Multi-tool as shown in the picture, but Dremel, Bosch and others make very similar tools. Don't force things, let the tool do the work.

4. Change the tool to a sanding head, push the clean cut out another few thousanths of an inch, tighten the bushing and then sand the cut end smooth. Again, don't force it. You can also use sand paper glued to a block of wood, but a multi-tool is easier and faster. The goal is a very smooth, slightly frosted look. A can of compressed air makes it easy to remove dust from fiber interstices when you are through.

5. Then use sequential grit acrylic nail polishing buffs to polish the surface of the fibers. You can find these at most beauty supply stores, many drug stores or from NoUVIR Lighting. A few minutes working from rough to fine will give you a clear, almost glass smooth surface to the fiber bundle that is literally better than when it was new.

Finally, plug the bushing into an UR free NoUVIR COLD-NOSE™ projector and forget about it. Lamps are $12. The projector and its optical elements are warrantied for ten-years. And you can replace any or all of the inside hardware (fann, circuit, lamp sockets, etc.) for $99.