Only 4 NoUVIR Transilluminators left!

Occasionally, we make a run of XILS transilluminators as a special service to the museum community. Using our standard COLD-NOSE High Performance 150-watt Projector, instead of plugging in 32 fibers for a complete lighting system, we attach a special flat woven pad made out of thin, thread-like acrylic fibers. The fiber optic pad is bright, really bright, producing over 450 footlamberts. The woven pad is 9-inches x 6-inches, less than 1/16th-inch thick and is on a 25-inch tether. Altogether the transilluminator pad is 34-inches long.

The product is ideal for checking paper artifacts, looking for counterfeits or forgeries, repairing textiles, photographing watermarks, using under glass trays for washes and a host of other highly specialized tasks done in museum and other laboratories. Nothing works like it.

We manufacture fiber optic lighting, not lab equipment. Our goal is to replace damaging tracklights and fluorescent fixtures so museum artifacts do not need to be restored using a transilluminator. The pad requires a lot of hand work including surgical knots which are time consuming and difficult to tie. It is specialized work that takes special set up and training. Even though our VP of marketing spent years working as a crime scene investigator, we kind of hate making these things. We do not always have them in stock.

So here is the announcement. We made a special run for our conservator and laboratory friends. THERE ARE ONLY FOUR UNITS LEFT! While they last though, you can buy one of these wonderful lab units. Like our museum lighting, NoUVIR Transilluminators outperform everything else out there. Give us a call at 302-628-9933 to reserve yours.