" Pure-white, stone-cold fiber optic lighting sytems "

About NoUVIR

No UV or IR

Hand with Fiber Optic Light

Pronounced “new•veer” like new year with a “v”, NoUVIR® Lighting MANUFACTURERS fiber optic lighting in the United States. The company makes the products it invented from extensive research into light and matter. The goal is to save our national heritage from light damage…one artifact at a time.

NoUVIR is more than just a registered trademark. It is our promise.

No UV! No IR! (Zero, zip, nada, none!)

It’s been said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

We think it is trademark infringement. Especially when it is not true. Especially when certain LED manufacturers lie claiming no UV and no IR™.

If a LED luminaire has a heat sink, cooling fins or a fan, by definition it is not no IR. Put your hand on it. If it is warm, you know it is not No IR. If you seal it in a box or case, and the temperature goes up, it has IR.

If a LED luminaire does not have an “amber bastard” color film over the diode and a significantly thick acrylic lens (not just any plastic), by definition it is not no UV. LEDs generate UV from electrons converting the UV into visible light using tiny pinholes in sandwiched materials with phosphors color correcting the visible light. The system is not 100% efficient, so UV leaks. A thick acrylic lens has the molecular structure to filter out the UV. But most LEDs are manufactured for the mass market and do not have a quality len. Several LEDs do not even have the visible color layer to color correct. If you can see raw diodes, pick another source. The blue light and UV can be high enough to cause eye damage over long term exposure.

That is hard science, not marketing.

We are a manufacturer. We believe in hard science. We apply that science to make pure-white, stone-cold fiber optic lighting in Seaford, Delaware, USA.

Production Row

We actually make our own products from our inventions, our designs, our tooling, our methods, our inventory, with our vendors that meet our specifications, use our engineering drawings, assembling with our employees in our factory. From the original NoUVIR® inventions and U.S. patents through the whole process down to when the product is shipped to a customer with our NoUVIR logo and packing tape marking the box; we are passionate about what we do.

If a fiber optic company private labels someone else’s products, or combines products (it is common for them to use optics made for filament light fixtures substituting fiber which creates poor optics), or mixes different manufacturer’s systems, or converts fiber optic systems made for other purposes; that may meet a definition of making a fiber optic lighting product line by law. But it isn’t really manufacturing. You have no idea what you are getting. We make our products. We make the finest fiber optic lighting in the industry.

We have done extensive testing. We have done dozens of experiments comparing the performance and damage rates of different light sources. We have done hundreds, even thousands, of tests using assorted materials, historic pigments, old papers, natural objects, etc. using different lights to get data on photochemical and photomechanical damage. We have published peer reviewed papers. We have published books for laymen. We have taught college-credit seminars. We are serious about the science behind our fiber optic lighting.

That is a hard fact, not marketing.

NoUVIR makes pure-white, stone-cold fiber optic lighting products. It is artifact safe. It is very WYSIWYG.

Hold a tiny thumb-drive sized light in your finger tips, brightly lit.

Aim. Focus. Change beam sizes. Dim. Brighten. Highlight. Easily install. All while holding a stone-cold, miniature light fixture in your hand.

Contact us. Discover the difference fiber optic lighting can make. And start really enjoying your collections without risking light damage.

The light is phenomenal…is amazing! - vice president, development (lit rare costumes & accessories)
Thank you again for your help and awesome customer service. We will tell all of our friends about you and make sure we purchase any future projectors from you…You have our business for life. - museum comment, recent comment
(He) has…lighting background.  He had a look at the projector and was quite impressed....he was explaining it to Chien Mei Yu and told her it is very high quality....he told me he hasn't seen companies make this quality for many years. (“He” was an executive in the lighting industry. Chien Mei Yu is an internationally recognized, famous painter.) - international art collector comment
We will not install any other fiber optic lighting but NoUVIR. Period! - lighting installer, said before, but repeated