" Pure-white, stone-cold fiber optic lighting sytems "

Contact Us

Matthew Miller - matthew@nouvir.com

Primary Contact: Vice-president, teacher and published author, Matthew has decades of professional experience in conservation science including publishing a book, articles and lecturing on various museum subjects, as well as extensive construction know-how, case design expertise, on-site consulting at numerous museums, a CSI understanding of artifacts and an extensive education to give you practical help.

Ruth Ellen Miller - ruthellen@nouvir.com

Secondary Contact: President, artist and lecturer, the visionary who's love for art and our national heritage started NoUVIR. Usually Ruth Ellen is running NoUVIR. But she takes time to talk to clients too. She has written white papers, lectured at universities and taught art. She has an excellent knowledge of science and the how-to of museum design with a love of artifacts.


Monday - Thursday, East Coast Time (No deliveries on Friday)

At NoUVIR, we like talking to people and hearing about their collections. The world-wide pandemic has and will continue to impact our museum customers for years. Therefore, we may be away from a desk and you will need to leave a message. But most of the time we will pick up.

Contact Us by Mail or Ship To NoUVIR

We will look at drawings, construction details or case designs. We help with fiber optic lighting designs and get people on the right track. We also answer questions about:

  • photochemical damage (we have seen much over 30 years),
  • photomechanical damage,
  • specific artifact susceptibility to damage (we have tested thousands of materials),
  • comment on light source types (we have tested dozens of light sources),
  • construction and building files,
  • case design and layout,
  • and also offer formal exhibit consulting (museums can get these services donated).
We may choose to donate our expertise to any worthy project or non-profit. But everyone can get some reasonable technical help at no cost.