" Pure-white, stone-cold fiber optic lighting sytems "

How a Thumb Drive Size Light has Beam Control

How Can Something So Small Be Able to Light So Big

NoUVIR does a number of proprietary and technically very unique things to get a lot of light into the fiber. Then it uses the best transmission fiber for visible white light. At the end of the fiber, NouVIR manufactures to its designs and specifications the most advanced optics into the luminaires.

NoUVIR uses the best materials. NoUVIR designs the product to last and be serviceable for decades. And NoUVIR has made a system that is so reconfigurable that it is not uncommon for a museum to build NoUVIR lighting into cases for a traveling exhibit that goes to numerous venues. The exhibit finally comes back with beat up cases, platforms and railing. But the lighting is completely stripped, cleaned, maintained and then installed as like-new in a permeant gallery where it works daily for decades.

It is all about the inventions. It is about the trade secrets. It is about exacting quality. It is about a mission to save our national heritage. And remember that the private collections in homes today become the museum exhibits of tomorrow. All this makes NoUVIR a big difference compared to competitors and even conventional lighting companies.

Fiber Optic Projector

Start with the right lamp. The lamp needs exacting, precession optics. A MR-16 halogen projector lamp with its tight filament and dichroic reflector is the choice. LED lamps automatically have far too fuzzy optics to get the right entrance angle into fiber for efficiency. HID lamps have poor color. Fluorescent lamps would be just silly. A good quality halogen lamp is a precise, quality lamp that can be exactly focused.

Invent a new kind of lamp holder that places the filament in perfect optical alignment. Add features that extend lamp life. Place everything that could fail, that’s right - EVERYTHING, into an easy to snap out drawer. Make lamp changes 10 seconds. Make everything repairable. No obsolescence allowed.

Add a unique optical element into the nose of the projector. Remove the IR. Remove the UV. But brightly light the fiber.

Optical Fiber

Test all fibers and grades. Discover nothing is more superior than aerospace-grade acrylic fiber. Buy the best fiber from the best manufacturer from their first runs just after the machine is cleaned and recalibrated. Hold each fiber at the projector in a bushing as individuals.

Show people how to cut and polish fiber in the field. Use a simple, sharp wedge cutter and polishing buffs from the nail solan industry having buffs made just for NoUVIR. If a fiber is too long, it can be trimmed. If a fiber is too short, it can be easily replaced. Fiber can be short at a few feet or long up to 50 feet. Most fiber averages about 30 feet for a 60 foot reach from the projector.

Design the projector to hold 32 fibers. Thirty-two fibers will light a wall. Or they will light two big cases. Or they will light 16 small cases. Or they will light half a room.

Fiber Optic Luminaires

Design the world’s only reflector invented just for the output of a fiber. Invent a two-coating surface that directs different light rays making a smooth, perfect beam.

Invent a collet to hold the fiber. No glue. No ferrules. No clamps. No set screws. Screw finger tight one way and the fiber is held. Screw finger tight the other way and the fiber loosen.

Move the fiber inside the reflector and change the beam’s size by changing the focus within the specialized reflector. Completely loosen the collet and the luminaire ends up in your hands. Lights can be changed or swapped the first day of the installation or a decade later. Total flexibility in design.

Add the world’s first macro-micro lens. Light artifacts in a case at different light levels. Tightly frame a gemstone, so it is breathtaking. Or aim a beam across the room to light an eagle on top of a historic case.

Have zoom control. With a simple adjustment at the collet, pick beam sizes while you watch.
The beams are pure white.
The beams are smooth from edge-to-edge.
The beams have a soft, but exacting cut-off.
There is no stray light.
There are no chromatic aberrations.
There is no halo.
These perfect beams are because of the unique lens design.
Seal the luminaire. In a case, air does not leak in around the lights. Even the fiber is sealed, yet mechanically held so fibers can be switched at will.

These lights are all miniature. So snap them inside various tracks. Offer “headless” tracks and bannisters with aimable lighting all contained inside the bannister. Tracks look like a line on a ceiling or inside a case. Bannisters can light a historic room. But the lighting is so hidden, guest often do not realize light on the other side of where they are stand is showing details of the room.

Give people control. Let them aim, zoom and light. And all with stone-cold, pure-white light with no UV and no IR.

All these inventions and custom elements create fiber optic lighting that is bright. Each luminaire is a fist full of photons. But light you have complete mastery over.

Why NoUVIR Fiber Optic Lighting?

Because it is amazing technology.

You can do things like this- The public sees this incredible display. The Ruby Red slippers dazzle and sparkle. The dress shows every detail. The sign and props play a supporting roll.

Yet look at the actual footcandle levels. This costume if perfectly controlled on exhibit. The iconic Ruby Red Slippers are the focal point. But the rare “test dress” Judy Garland wore at the beginning of filming is perfectly lit.

The whole case has no UV and no IR. Yet with such easy control at ones fingertips, why not reduce footcandles when the dress will still look exquisite. Therefore, the fragile blouse and the shoulders where there is weight is lit at lower footcandle levels. The signs are very readable, but do not distract. The case is sealed using an AIR-SAFE micro-climate control system.

People stop and stare at the case. The Ruby Red Slipper knock visitor’s socks off. They flash and sparkle.

Applied science and inventions are wonderful tools.

NoUVIR lets you use quantum electrodynamics to accomplish astounding exhibits and breath-taking displays (even in a home) with simple-to-use products.