" Pure-white, stone-cold fiber optic lighting sytems "

WOW Factor!

Wow! Sparkles Brilliantly!

Fiber optic beams from a tall ceiling with an 18-foot throw distance from the luminaires to these famous icons. 18 FEET! Yet the beams are so tight without scatter or stray light, these iconic shoes really show off.

A single projector with a single bulb light 32 fibers. Each fiber terminates in a luminaire. Three of those 32 fibers end in pinspots with a 50° to a 5° beam adjusted between 5° and 10° to light these shoes. Talk about control!

These pinspots are in the room OUTSIDE the case. But they get the perfect angle at eye level - the best lighting angle for these movie shoes. The shoes flash, dazzle and dance. Wow!

People stop and stare.

These shoes wink at guests. They sparkle and flash just as they did in the movie. This exhibit is yummy. Yet this amazing presentation is only part of the story.

These Ruby Red Slippers Will Not Fade

These shoes will stay brilliant red. NoUVIR fiber optic lighting has no UV and no IR…NoUVIR®. With zero ultraviolet light and zero heat, absolutely none, zero, zip, nada…these iconic slippers have extended their exhibit life by a huge multiple.

What happens without NoUVIR lighting's preservation?

We now know. A well-known institution recently raised $300,000 to restore its pair of Ruby Red Slippers. Restoration was really rebuilding the shoes. The sequins had changed to a sludge red. The dark, chipped sequins no longer sparkled brilliant red. Restoration was the removal of every sequin, cataloging that sequin’s location, re-dye each sequin one-by-one, and then carefully sewing each indexed sequin back in place using the original holes.

Reality is that the shoes will never exactly be the same. Conservation was so meticulous and careful that the museum tried to duplicate the original wear on the shoes. Talk about painstaking, exacting, costly work. But it could have been avoided.

With NoUVIR, this pair of Ruby Red Slippers look better and will stay looking better. By investing far less in lighting instead of restoration, these shoes will be Ruby Red for decades, even over a century. A $300,000 restoration cost? No, thank you. Looking better with more sparkle and pizzazz than the other pair of restored shoes? Indeed! These Ruby Red Slippers look awesome.

NoUVIR “wows” the public. NoUVIR provides the tools for mouth-watering displays. NoUVIR shows off how amazing, beautiful and detailed artifacts really are. With NoUVIR...

You can "wow" the public!

NoUVIR fiber optic lighting is hands-on easy to install. The lights are easy to aim and reach to an artifact, even down low on a case’s floor. And it makes a huge difference in what the public sees and how the public reacts.

It is a “wow” factor you need.

But NoUVIR is saving our national heritage…one artifact at a time.